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Not logged-in users

In order to make user experience better and to avoid violation of Terms of Service, collects some non-personalized data such as browser language preferences, referring site, user device type, browser type, users ips, the date and time of each visitor request, user's votes and other non-personalized data that helps improve our service. can aggergate non-personal data and use this information in different ways in order to improve users experience.

Logged-in users

To avoid violation of Terms of Service, for Logged-in users collects the same data as for 'not logged-in users' and also can collect user's name, email and/or social network accounts and other data that user chooses to save in his/her personal profile.

Removing personal info

If you want to remove your account and all personal info, associated with your account, you can do this in Members Area in your Profile section.

Personal Information Disclosure

We will not sell your personally identifiable information to any 3rd party organization, however, it can be transferred upon corporate reorganization that can take part in. We may provide your personally identifiable information (not including sensitive data like your name and email address) and the aggregate information to third-party agencies that can help us to provide better service. We will disclose your personally identifiable information if we reasonably believe we are required to do so in order to cooperate with official authorities.

Cookies Policy

We use cookies in order to allow members to vote, log in to protected areas and to protect from known attacks. You can choose not to use cookies and to disable cookies in your browser. After that voting and most of other actions would be not available. Third parties like advertising networks also can use cookies in order to server ads on

Privacy Policy Updates

In order to improve the user experience and under the influence of external circumstances Privacy Policy can be changed in's sole discretion. If new modifications will be unacceptable to you than you can stop using this Website and remove your account with all your personal info if necessary. Continuing to use, you agree to accept the changes of Privacy Policy.

Help About Privacy Policy

We can be reached via e-mail at admin (at)