Terms Of Service

GoTop100.com (the Website) is a social platform that gives users opportunity to estimate various content, discuss it and upload user generated content.

Please read these Terms of Service ("Terms"). Accessing or using the Website's services means that you agree to these Terms.


You can use the Website as unregistered user or registered user. Unregistered users have access to less functionality of the Website.

Login with 3rd-party social networks

Login with 3rd-party social networks means auto-registering on the Website. User will have your personal account that separate from the social network account that user logged in with. User can change username, other personal info or set password on the "Settings" page.

User Content.

Users are responsible for content they submit to the Website. Submitting User Content to the Website means that you own this content or have rights to submit it. By submitting User Content users grant the Website a royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, sub-licensable and transferable license and right to use this content for any purposes. User Content must not be offensive, unrelated, violate laws, etc. We also don't allow "adult", "pharma" and "gambling" related content and any kind of spam. GoTop100.com is informational website and it's goal is to help it's users. All content that does not meet this goal can be removed and accounts of violators can be closed.

Termination of service.

We may terminate or close your account and remove any content from the Website or our servers if we believe Terms are violated. In case of termination of service the Website has no obligation to store content of terminated accounts or to transfer it to you or someone else.

Account closure.

You may terminate your Account at any time and for any reason by clicking "Close Account" on the "Settings" page. After account closure by User, the Account will no longer be accessible. Your account will be closed as soon as possible but the content can be stored in database up to 30 days after account closure. You can restore account until content is finally deleted.

Content Disclaimer

While using the Website, content from variety of sources can be shown to users. The Website is not responsible for property rights of the accuracy or relating to such Content. You understand that you can see inaccurate, offensive or other types of content that is not acceptable. We don't support any opinions or recommendations, given in Content. The Website disclaims any and all liability regarding this Content. Please use report forms to report content that is violating rules or laws, inaccurate, offensive content etc.

Reporting violations.

Users are welcome to report violations of rules or laws using report forms which can be invoked by report buttons close to various content. Please use this forms for reporting real violations. This will help us to make our service better with your help. To prevent automatic reports, User need to register to report violations.

Using the Website

The Website reserves the right to modify or terminate any part of the Website or Services. Also the Website reserves the right to limit some services or restrict access of some users to parts or the entire Website.

Modification of Terms

The Website reserves the right to modify these Terms without notice. By continuing to access the Website after any modifications of Terms, you agree to be bound by the modificated Terms.